By Our Reporter

Top night club, Ambience, is set to open another branch in Kampala city but in a building believed to be threatened by mischievous spirits.

The ghosts are believed to be of rhe five masons who died on spot on December 15, 2015 in the early days of its construction.

Our reports understand that after the deaths of five builders, the building has been reportedly been a witch haunted hub with horrible chants heard sometimes in the night, according to one of the workers on the building.

He further revealed that sometimes building tools varnish and voices of men mixing sand could be heard at site.

Five construction workers died and 3 others in December 2015 where hospitalized after the wall of building they were constructing caved in.

The Police blame the accident at the site at Kansanga Trading Centre in Kampala on the negligence of the site engineer and two people were arrested in a case that sublimed with no reported compensation.

Our source pinned Police and KCCA for not putting owners to task. The case days after the burial of five victims construction work, died.

Sources indicate that the building belongs to Ambience discotheque investiment.