By Kiyimba Bruno

“Can a Bodaboda fail to pay tax of UGX5000 as tax annually?”  That was the question that was first raised by Nelly Busingye, the programme officer at SEATINI Uganda, in the budget review that was conducted by the Civil Societies at the NGO Forum in Kabalagala.

Busingye said that the lowest tax in Uganda is UGX5000 which is about to be increased to UGX10,000,an amount that she thinks a Bodaboda rider cannot fail to pay either annually or monthly.

Here she requested government to review various sectors that do not pay taxes which include the army, Bodaboda, police and many more.

In the same forum, Agnes Kuraba, the director Uganda food Alliance said that most Ugandans have not taken time to find out where their taxes are going and what they do.

“We are not in Kandolindoli and must ask for accountability” Kuraba noted.

She went ahead to reveal that the government of the republic of Uganda is only based on calculations rather that the actual work that is being done. On this note, she requested the government to provide accurate agricultural extension services to the nation.

On the issue of the land, Kuraba said that this is not a debate that the president should do alone.

“We do not have enough land use practicals however much the president talks about it.” Said Kuraba

She went ahead to say that as civil societies they must also get involved in the land issue debate not just the president since they also have a lot to give out to the public. Here she urged president Museveni to put much emphasis on the findings that he collects from the people in hi land drive.

Sekiryanga Richard, the chairperson for the NGO forum proposed that the Uganda Revenue Authority should begin working together with the local governments in collection of taxes from the innocent Ugandans.

“Local governments do not have experts in revenue but rather, these are in the URA. So why doesn’t government work together with them?” asked Sekiryanga.

On agriculture Mr. Sekiryanga said that there should be affordable and high quality agro products emphasis which can enable farmers to improve their standards of living.