By Kiyimba Bruno

Tears of joy filled single mother Namubiru Josephine when one Kampala’s tycoons Sam Buchanan and Ragga artist Ragga Dee gave her a surprise visit at her home in Ganda Nansana.

Namubiru has had a knee problem for the last seven years and by the time the two gentlemen reached; she could not even walk, but instead was helped by her six year old daughter.

According to Namubiru, she had moved to various hospitals but could not get the relevant help due to the fact that she could not take care of the bills.

When Sam Buchanan’s Hammer arrived at the sick lady’s home, she was sleeping, not even expecting a visitor. He asked for the place and was taken to the exact house of the sick lady where he was welcomed.

After hearing all the grievances that the lady had, Buchanan‘s heart felt so touched. On this note he ordered the ladies rent bills worth UGX400,00 be covered for a full year.

“You cannot get healed if you are thinking about where to sleep and what to eat. So its better we first remove this grievance” Said Buchanan.

He went ahead to pay for the school fees of Namubiru’s daughter who had spent two years home while not schooling.

“I think iam dreaming” Namubiru wondered on this note.

After all these huge expenses, the tycoon went ahead to promise to cover all the hospital bills of the sick lady who is apparently treated from Lubaga hospital.

As he was leaving, the candle’s light went off. Here he ordered for a new lamp with paraffin of UGX5000 which also was a big help to Namubiru.

He went ahead to talk to the people around the community to come up with small saving groups which can help them to curb poverty.

Singer Ragga Dee also was happy for the act well done by Mr. Sam Buchanan. On this note, he attacked all people who want to prove that they are rich through using wrong means like throwing money to people in bars, an act which he called bad.

On this note, He  reminded the world that he also  came from the Ghetto hence no one can mislead him.

“We belong to the Ghetto and we must help the Ghetto people.” Said Ragga Dee.

On this note, Ragga Dee promised to throw a heavy party to the community after treating the sick lady’s leg.