By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday Rwanda police handed over two stolen cars to the Ugandan high commissioner to Rwanda H.E Richard Kabonero.

Among the cars was city money bag Emmannuel Lwasa Kagubala’s Mercedes Benz which was impounded by Rwanda Police late last year while he was on his leisure trip with his wife to Rwanda.

The car was confiscated on allegation that it was reported stolen from South Africa by unknown people and was being tracked by Interpol.

According to social media blogger, Kakensa Media, Lwasa, bought the car from one South Africa based Ugandan called Agaba. He then went through all the bureaucracy of paying import taxes and registration. He was also shocked to learn that this car was stolen because it had all paperwork and had been cleared by Interpol for registration in Uganda as the import law demands.

According to one person who used to live in South Africa, This is a common phenomenon in the South Africa Ugandan community. What these South African boys do, they buy cars on hire purchase in South Africa then forge papers of ownership in another person’s names to enable them transport these cars to Uganda by land. When cars get to Uganda, these guys sell them at a giveaway price to facilitate their flamboyant lifestyle while in Kampala. They give a gross period to a buyer to clear with the authorities for taxes and registration then report the same car as stolen in order to claim compensated from insurance. This compensation in otherwords is what pays for the outstanding debt on that particular car to the creditor company which sold this car on credit.

By paying compensation, the insurance company normally flags the car as stolen, meaning the owner in Kampala is at risk if at all he ever wants to cross boarders(that’s where close scrutiny is).