By Kiyimba Bruno

It is not always common to find one man and woman from the same family supporting the same football team.

Normally in Uganda, if a man is an Arsenal fan, the woman is a Manchester United fan. The one who is stronger pulls the other to support his or her choice.

Recently, city tycoon Sam Buchanan was cited with family at Kalasa as they went to cheer up the Buchanan sponsored team Kalasa United while dressed in a Manchester United jersey.

We tried to talk to his in quest of knowing as to why; the only answer we could get is that people are inspired by facts.

He went ahead to say that normally people love things but do not express their love towards them.

“It you do not put on a Manchester United jersey, who will ever join your bus?” asked Buchanan.

He went ahead to say that the way he showed his love to Manchester United made his family follow the trend.

And he believes it is a good move.

Ever since Buchanan joined the support of local football, Kalasa United has not lagged behind. But instead has moved in front

The team has joined the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) district division league to move slowly upwards until they join the big teams in the Azam Uganda premier league.

Kalasa United has played three games in the league and has won two on top of losing one. This to any analyst is a good improvement to any new team in the system.