By Watchdog reporter

On Thursday, a man known as Jack Pemba in Uganda released a video that he shared on different social media platforms.

Pemba, who wants to be known as a wealthy and connected person was reacting to news that he had been arrested at Entebbe International Airport and quizzed about money laundering which is a criminal offense in Ugandan law. He denied the reports, despite the fact that he actually has a case to answer at the police.

The Tanzanian with British citizenship claimed he was not a criminal and that no security authorities on the planet are looking for him. He also said he has never gotten himself involved in any money laundering stuff, or committed any crime, save for promoting sports in Uganda, Rwanda and Dubai where his company is fully registered. In the coming couple of days, we shall tell you why Jack Pemba is a criminal, wanted in England, Spain, Tanzania, etc, but has been evading the law for some time in those countries until the bold Ugandan security surrounded him. Whereas Pemba denied being wanted by police, the truth of the matter, he has a case to answer with the police and cannot leave the country for now as Police are still investigating him in connection with conning a businessman of more than Sh2.5 billion.

The first suspicious thing about Pemba’s video is the tone in which it is made. Pemba sounds and looks angry and restless. He makes too much effort to explain himself, but he doesn’t come up as coherent and believable.
This is not the only businessman Pemba has taken money from under the pretense he is dealing in gold or diamond or anything of sort. In fact, according to the investigation we have made, Pemba is wanted on three continents for similar offences, including involving conning famous footballers in the English premier league.

For the coming couple of days, we are going to reveal to you the history of Jack Pemba, how he started his conning trade with the family of his father-in-law in England, sold their family properties and left them homeless and paupers. We shall tell you that Jack uses sex and fame as a tool to pounce on his victims, and one of the examples was when he went down on the mother of his wife (real mother-in-law) and made love to her with promise of marrying her alongside her daughter, with who Pemba has three children.

Our intention is not to shame Pemba, or that we are envious of his “hard work” like he insinuated in the video recording while talking about his imaginary enemies, rather, we want to warn unsuspecting victims before he pounces on them, and leave them in tears like he has done to several people on his previous trail across Europe, Asia and Africa. Our Jack Pemba series are for the public good.

This is just the tip of the ice-berg.

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