By Stephen Kalema

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has broken the silence on the attempted robbery of a computer shop along Dewinton Drive on Thursday.

The said attempt involved two Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) staff and three other people, allegedly from the tax collecting body.

However, in the document issued by Ian Rumanyika, URA Acting Assistant Commissioner Public and Corporate Affairs, distances the tax body from any involvement in the said fraud dealings, insisting those involved were not their own.

“Our attention has been drown to claims that UPDF soldiers purportedly used URA’s name in an attempt to fleece a business man dealing in computers. They had fake URA seals and the document in the guise to defraud the city-based businessman,” reads the document dated November 2.

“We want to categorically state that none of our staff was involved in the incident. The Fraudsters were driving ‘UPDF’ vehicles. URA doesn’t use UPDF vehicles in its operations. Additionally, URA staff put on uniform and carry identification cards while in field.”

“The unsubstantiated claims are completely false and defamatory. We call upon the public to be vigilant and report extortionists, who want to bring the image of the authority to disrepute. The incident has been reported to the authorities and we are working with the Police and UPDF to make sure that the culprits face the law. We urge the public to disregard the misrepresentation in its entirety.”

Rumanyika confirmed to the public that URA’s commitment remains on the pillar of providing excellent revenue services with the highest integrity.

While URA distanced its self from this robbery, UPDF confirmed the involvement of their soldiers in this scandal according to Spokesperson of UPDF Lt. Col Deo Akiiki, “One driver was a UPDF soldier identified as CPL Isoke and is under police custody. However, another soldier run away. “