By Herbert Bukenya

Top Kampala socialites and so called big spenders whose source of money remains questionable seem to be in a new battle for supremacy based on the cars they drive. Bryan White seemed to have gone first after his embarrassment in Masaka over Easter by another big spender Sipapa made him look poor.

Bryan White bought a brand new Range Rover immediately after showcasing his long gone ‘sister’ from Italy grabbing the headlines and reminding us he is rich. The brand new Range Rover is said to have set back the stick thin socialite close to 400 million Uganda shillings.

Bryan White’s Range Rover

Hardly had his fans and followers spread the word enough on social media about the car and made noise about how is undisputable when it comes posh cars and money than Jack Pemba who had fallen off the radar comes up with one of his own.

Jack Pemba quickly started flossing a Toyota Landcruiser Lexus 450d that got Kampala talking again with an even much bigger price tag of 620 million shillings as he tried to reassure tired Ugandans that he still has money despite the fact that tycoon Kirumira confiscated two of his cars a couple of months back over a 360 million shilling plus debt.

Pemba’s Lexus

Pemba’s jubilation didnt last either as UAE jailed SK Mbuga raised the bar a couple of notches higher by importing a monster G700 Mercedes Benz through one of his associates a few days later. And to think that he is locked up and yet still importing luxury cars just for his pleasure and indulgence is baffling enough.

Any way the price just left every one in awe, 900 million shillings plus 260 million in taxes, wow that can get both the other two cars and you may still have balance left to put up a decent mansion for your girlfriendI!

For now jailed big spender Mbuga is on top of things and who knows another unkown tycoon could suprise us soon and import a 1 million dollar car which is about 3.7 billion and set the bar higher again!