Police have today arrested a 30 year old man who calls himself Afande Abubaker Yusuf  for  impersonating as a Criminal Intelligence Investigations officer from CID department.

The suspect is reportedly said to have been  arresting and receiving unspecified amount of money from several young girls within Jinja with  allegations that he had tracking their calls and are associated with wrong elements in society.

As for the girls who could not afford to pay him, he would threaten them by leading them to a friend’s residence at works zone in Jinja town purporting to be going for interrogation and force them into sex.

Police says they decided to lay a trap after receiving complaints from one of the girls mother who reported to them.

The suspect identified as Mubarak Kezaala is now under police custody a at Jinja Central Police station after one of the girls he had used reported to the mother who reported to police leading to his arrest.

Information obtained from the police say they are going to charge the suspect with impersonation,defilement and rape.