Kampala Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has shocked Christians gathering in Lubaga Cathedral when he proposed to have church tithe deducted directly from the salaries of Christians.

Dr Lwanga who was preaching on Sunday morning said many Christians don’t declare the 10 per cent meant for tithe, so they end up giving little to church.

“Christians are complaining that they’re too many collections at churches today,” he said. “Christians are giving very little to church, and mandatory tithing would help solve the cash crisis in the church.”

The Bible tells Christians to give back to their places of worship a tenth of their income.

However, many Christians are complaining their money is being abused by church ministers, while others don’t really care about tithing anymore.

Dr Lwanga was, however, laughed off by his audience, prompting him to ask their support to push his proposal through. He said in countries like Germany, the government collects tithe and passes it over to the church.

It remains to be seen if the archbishop’s proposal will go through, especially after Ugandans are complaining of over taxation.