By Moses Ntare

Catholics of Kizi hika Rubanda parish Kabale diocese in Rubanda district are accusing the Rubanda district LCV Chairperson Jogo Keneth Biryabarema of interfering with their church activities and trying to grab their church land on Kakihuma hill.

Kakihuma hill land is situated in Mukitojo Village Nyaruhanga ward Rubanda town council Rubanda district and it accommodates the current Yesu Ahurire Mukitojo hika which was officially opened up yesterday by Kabale diocese.

Rev Fr Leopold Mubangizi and Rev Fr Felex Burimba say that Kakihuma hill land belonged to their fore parent, the late Bahurira in the early 1920s, and as the grand children of the late they resolved to follow up their
grandfathers’ suggestion to give up that hill to the diocese for the catholic members in the area to build a church there for their religious benefits.

Now according to a letter dated 4th May 2018, the members accused Jogo and the Rubanda district town clerk Bernad Muhangi for ordering the Rubanda district police unit to destroy their church structures which they had
established in the area, without any explanation. The destruction of the church was done 2nd December 2017 the letter reveals.

The members noted that the church members were deprived of using their church which should be on their hill and have now resorted to praying from Phillip Burikoti’s family, a member also of the same church.

Baguma the catechist for Kizi hika church in Rubanda parish Kabale diocese says the move by the Catholics in that area was intended at bringing religious church services nearer to the people. He noted that they are in
position to lose their lives for anyone who continues with intentions of claiming that Kakihuma hill land is government land.

Veleriano Twesigye, the Mukitojo LCI Chairperson in Nyaruhanga ward Rubanda town council and Johnbosco Tumwesigye, the LCIII Chairperson Ikumba Sub County say that the Kakihuma hill land is not a government land and
wondered why some district authorities are insisting on grabbing it.

Rev Fr Fidel Ndagiimana, the Rubanda parish priest said that the diocese has made clear consultations about the land in questions saying that the facts at hand indicate that Kakihuma hill land belonged to the late Bahurira, a then resident of that area and therefore the land is not a government property.

Fr Ndagiimana warned Jogo to stop interfering in the church’s activities unless he wants to fall a victim of circumstances.

Our reporter’s efforts to get a defense from Jogo on the matter were futile as his known contacts could not pass through.