By Waswa Tenywa

A delegation of Religious Scholars from America under A Muslim and Christian Dialogue for Peace conference led by Professor David Shanks and Prof Badru Kateregga the Chancellor of Kampala University has today paid a courtesy call to His Eminence The Deputy Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Abdallah Semambo and discussed matters concerning the promotion of peace and cooperation between Muslims and people of other faith.

The group that was invited by professor Kateregga to champion the conference held a discussion meeting with the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council management at UMSC headquarters at Old Kampala.

Speaking to the delegation, sheikh Semambo thanked Prof. Kateregga for picking interest in the peace initiating delegation to help in the distribution of daawa and re-union of humans without religions.

Sheikh semambo argued the delegation to spearhead the Islamic peace teaching where the Quran says love each other also to use relative peace to lure other people join Islam and maintain peace.

Meanwhile the head of delegation prof.Shanks expressed need for everybody to collaborate with another irrespective of religions which he says teaches peace only saying these will keep people at peace in allover the world.

Also UMSC Secretary General Hajji Ramadhan Mugalu thanked the delegation and argued them continue with the beautiful work they are exhibiting.

Prof. kateregga who escorted the delegation expressed dismay over America’s president’s comment that Islam hates them which kateregga said is propagating hatred.

The meeting was attended by UMSC officials including secretary for social services sheikh Ali Aluma, secretary for women and youth shekat Rathiya Namakula and the secretary for Daawa sheikh Hatwib Mukuluwakika.