He is the football superstar rumoured to have sired his first son Cristiano Jr via surrogacy back in 2010.
And now a source has told The Sun that Cristiano Ronaldo is set to father to ‘twin baby boys’ by a surrogate mother in the USA – who is said to be due ‘very soon’.
The news comes as the 32-year-old Real Madrid forward continues to date and appear publicly with Spanish model
Georgina Rodriguez, 23.

Ronaldo is known to be a generally private person and the circumstances surrounding his first son’s birth are still unknown.

On Saturday The Sun reported that a source close to Cristiano said he had told his inner circle he will fly his
baby twins to his £5million mansion on the outskirts Madrid when they are born.
The source said: ‘Cristiano and his family can’t wait to meet the new members of their clan.
‘He likes to keep a tight lid on his private life but has told loved ones and close friends the baby boys are due to arrive
very soon.’

The source reportedly said that the family do not know the identity of the mother of the twins.
He added: ‘[Cristiano] feels the time is right for his boy to have brothers to grow up with.
Parallels could be drawn with the mystery surrounding the mother of Cristiano Jr, who lived in San Diego and was
allegedly paid £10million by the footballer – but whose name has never been revealed.
Before he met Georgina, Cristiano dated Russian model Irina Shayk, but the couple did not have any children together.