By Allen Kisakye

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Patrick Musasizi alias Chozen Blood is currently nursing wounds sustained after a fight with ex-manager Godfrey Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa.

Chozen narrates that he left TNS three months ago and had no problem with the management or the artistes in his former camp. He adds that he has since held a couple of interviews but has never said anything ill about his previous management.

So he was surprised when recently at Sky Lounge, Kisementi, he was attacked by Kiwa.

“He was seated on a different table. So when they played my recent song called ‘Lumye’ and crowd cheered me on and danced, Kiwa came from nowhere and strangled me, punched me until I fell down and started kicking me until the security personal came and threw him out,” Chozen said.

The said wounds are around his neck.

Chozen says that what he wants most is for Kiwa to come out and tell him what he did wrong because he left his management at peace and he ‘Chozen’ has a good reputation of not fighting in bars.

Kiwa is currently wanted by the Kira Road Police Station to give a statement of what happened.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Kiwa has been involved in fist fights with musicians who have left his label, or have worked with him. He has previously fought with Chameleon, Goodlyf and Pallaso among others.

Currently, Chozen is managed by One Arafat who is also managing rapper Fefe Busi.