By Badru Mulisike

To love is the way,to be loved is a blessing.To love and to be loved is finding the greatest pillar of happiness.

Where there is love,there is hope,where there is hope there is light.

I believe if it is meant to be it will be.Love has no right time,it has no rules and it does not give warning when it decides to take over ones heart.Hearts choose to love,hearts choose fairness and peace in life by finding love.It is neither the age,height,size nor background when hearts choose to love.It is neither about the name,because there is “nothing in a name!”

Greatness and power lie in love ,and when two people choose to love it is greater than finding a world.They have found one of the happiest pillars of their life.It is something great being around someone who loves you,who thinks of you “every minute of their sunrise  and every minute of their sunset”.Some one who can hold your hand,and shout out your name no matter where they are.Noticing that you are part of their happiness and you rock in their world.Those moments when two people are inseparable,when two hearts beat out loud when they meet each other that’s what we call to love and to be loved.

Be fair to your heart when it chooses to love never give it an excuse to keep away.Let it be.Love is an experience of hearts and its greatest medicine.Always choose to love!Let there be no words,let there be no fears, but only the sheer raw of desire.

But at some point of life when you choose love and you are not loved back.When your heart tries to love and it is reciprocated with much pain and being shattered.Take notice!Be fair to your heart and choose to give it peace.Choose to love yourself more than meeting pain. After all there is nothing greater than having a happy soul,a happy mind and a peaceful heart.Never choose to hold on to pain.Because the pain of loving and not being loved is equivalent to inner bleeding from a fatal ,accident.

Always choices matter,when it is time to love,Love as if there will be no tomorrow. Celebrate it as the only treasure because it is great.But when you choose to love a heart and you are not loved back in return.Just believe it wasn’t your time yet.Choose to love yourself than grieving in pain because at times love is pain and pain is love.