By Najibu Mulema

The bosses of the 5 Chinese construction companies which were contracted by UNRA to construct various roads, finally admitted to have misused the sh47.7 billions which were meant for construction for roads as well as compensate the affected people.

These companies used the funds for personal use.

These bosses had been summoned on Thursday by the Parliamentary committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), but fell short of words,they failed to show the accountability of the alleged funds.

This forced COSASE to recall the bosses again the next day, as I can say these bosses were squeezed left and right to the extent that they had to say nothing but the truth.

The companies practically admitted to have used most of the alleged funds for their own benefits.

Companies like China railway group 3 and China railway group 5 admitted to have changed part of the money to dollars and kept them in Bank of China to make more money.

Another company opened up a monthly deposit account and by this time it had already made a fortune of shs1.1billion as an interest.

The committee under the chairmanship of Abdu Katuntu blamed UNRA for not carrying out thorough research on these companies and by the end of it all the five companies were suspended from carrying out any service in Uganda.

They were ordered not to withdraw a penny from banks until the investigation is carried out.