By Najibu Mulema
The parliamentary committee on Statutory Authority and State Enterprises summoned the owners of the five chinese construction companies which were contracted by UNRA to construct several roads in different parts of Uganda.

Some of the companies include China Daily 3 and Chong Chewing.

The bosses were called to answer questions following the reports that these companies adamantly refused to compensate the people they displaced while constructing roads.


The committee said that the government gave these companies shs47.7 billions to facilitate all procedures including the compensation of the displaced people.

The companies bosses failed to clearly defend themselves.

The Chinese seeing they couldn’t stand the tough questions they stopped speaking English, instead resorted to speaking Chinese which confused the MPs the more.


The committee chaired by Abdu Katuntu found out that these companies used the public resources illegally to run their companies interests.

Further, MPs heard that these companies in question exchanged and transferred the money to Chinese banks but on learning that they are to be summoned, they re-exchanged, re-transferred the money into Ugandan currency in Uganda.