By Namugerwa Martha

The chairman of Save the Wild Fund Mr Tiang Clody Zhoo, a Chinese not-for- profit environmental organization has embarked on operations to encourage companies to fund and protect the conservation of lake Victoria which benefits all East African countries and many other countries in Africa at large.

Speaking at the launch last week, Zhoo said that the organisation which was launched in Uganda, is partnering with Lake Victoria region local authorities and counties cooperation (LVRLAC) to lobby all Chinese companies operating in the country to contribute towards an environmental fund to plant trees around the lake.

“We are encouraging all Chinese companies operating in Uganda to contribute towards the fund because for them to continue making profits from here, they need to maintain the environment today so that these resources are not depleted,” he said.


Mr Zhoo added that their strategy involves providing fruit and wood tree seedlings to local authorities around Lake Victoria region to plant them around wetlands to demarcate the wetlands while the fruits will provide income for communities neighbouring the wetlands.