By our reporter

The International Children’s Climate Change Conference happened on 22 April, 2018 at Ntinda School for the Deaf.

Child delegates from over 30 schools took part in conference which was under the theme ‘End Plastic pollution, Restore Nature – protect the future’.

The event was graced by State Minister for Environment Hon. Kitutu Mary Goretti, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) officials among others.

While addressing the conference, Hon. Kitutu applauded Little Hands Go Green (organizers) for their noble cause of conserving the environment through young ones.

The minister also contributed shs1 million to the organization and urged NEMA to look into its budget so that it can fund Little Hands Go Green projects.

“NEMA, look. Into your budget and see how you can support Little Hands Go Green . The work they do is very noble. I will give Little Hands Go Green shs1 million for their activities,” said Ms. Kitutu.

She further revealed that they government gave an ultimatum of one year to producers of plastic bags (kaveera) and after that period they will be no more.

“Plastics are banned. The people who are producing plastics in Uganda are investors and we gave them an ultimatum to produce user friendly products. In one year, plastics will be no more” said Ms. Kitutu.

At the same event Joseph Masembe, Little Hands Go Green Chief Executive Director, explained the role of children in conserving the environment thus urging them to plant more trees to keep the environment safe.

Meanwhile, a number of schools such as Otim Tom Memorial school, Royal Primary school, Mother Mary Primary School, Aga Khan School made presentations on how the public and children should conserve and protect the environment.

Ntinda School of the Deaf pupils showcased various ways on how the society could conserve the environment.

Schools also pledged to ban Plastic bags (Kaveera) in their vicinities.

Java House, a food outlet franchise around East Africa also was part of the conference and they were the main snacks provider at the event.