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Renowned child activist also CEO of My kid is a Superstar Joseph Masembe is up in the arms over mistreatment of a child by his teacher.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, a yet to be identified teacher was on Tuesday morning filmed while severely beating up a pupil.

The school was identified as Marto Nursery School in Kamwokya, along Mawanda Road near Mawanda Road Police station.

Mr. Masembe has called for an immediate arrest of the teacher who infringed on the rights of the young boy.

He has further put up a big reward for any person who can identify the heartless teacher.

“Hello friends I am looking for this goon of a teacher who is indiscriminately beating up this kid in the presence of other kids. The video is disturbing. I am told he is from a nursery school in Kamwokya . Any help in identifying him andntye school will be greatly appreciated. A big reward awaits,” said Mr. Masembe.

“@PoliceUg @metpoliceug you have a child protection unit. Please let us know when this teacher has been apprehended,”

Mr. Masembe whose love for kids is unmatched also took to his social media pages to rally people against the erroneous action by the teacher.

Below are some of the touching comments from his Facebook page followers;

Harriet Matovu As a parent this is so painful to watch!! Hope this so called teacher is apprehended

Coletta Wanjohi They say his school is near the police station. Committing crime right under the nose of police.

Camila Wangoi He is disgracing the teaching profession….even if it’s a parent, then this is still uncalled for, there are better ways to punish a child n not cause such trauma to the rest and to the kid in particular…. Akamatwe

Helen K Ali The school is called Marto nursery school in kamwokya according to some other sources we can start from there

Helen K Ali Even the woman watching should be taken so next time others should save children from abuse

Tajuba Paul Eeeh, horrible

Kulubya Samuel Henry Mr.Masembe that skul is along mawanda road just below the mawanda road police station!

Shamim Asiimwe Byenkya Its time we took a stand to end violence against children. Imagine the kind of psychological torture he will undergo following this inhumane treatment. Next you’ll see the same teacher making comments like “pull up your socks” or that “he does not play well with others!’

Ritah Blessing I support you banange …let all other teachers learn a lesson from him , plz Joseph whatever it takes you to get him …i,m so angry in spirit ….may thunder strike him now ..

watch video;