By Najibu Mulema

The chief justice of Uganda, Bart Katurebe has launched an eleven member committee to develop a sustainable case backlog in all cases of judicature.

The committee headed by the court of appeal judge, Richard Butera has only two months within which to give recommendations to the chief justice on how to manage the eradication of case backlog.

The appointment of this committee follows the 2015 court case census report that indicated that 114,809 cases pendng in the courts by then, 28,864 are over two years old and the longest spending 10 years in the system hence
constituting backlog.

The same report also reveals that the court of appeal is having the lowest disposal rate of cases yet an improvement is seen in the lower magistrate courts.

The chief justice also wants evidence based and
sustainable reforms for a modern judiciary that addresses the current justice needs.
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