By Najibu Mulema

Controversial former political intelligence spy Chief Charles Rwomushana has said the now famous Presidential handshake should have been called a ‘presidential legshake’, in that instead of rewarding the 42 senior government officials with shs 6 billion, they should have been just kicked.

While appearing on NBS TV’S topical discussion show today morning, Rwomushana asserted that these officials never played any major role in winning the court settlement against the British Oil firm, Tullow Oil, all they did is to sit down, wait for the positive outcome then exposing the high level of greediness.

“It should have been called the ‘presidential legshake’, people who were involved should have been kicked,” Rwomushana said.

According to the political analyst, Uganda was represented by London law firm called 3 clowns, ‘Kampala Associated (KA) & Attorney General. Kampala Associated received $10million for representation and Uganda Revenue Authority never featured anywhere so they were not supposed to receive any penny as a form of appreciation.

He further alleged that Uganda was asking for shs 1.7 trillion and it was settled for shs 900 billion citing that those who say the case was won are liars, it was settled.

At the beginning of this year, news about the presidential handshake broke into the public where 42 senior government officials rewarded themselves a sum of shs 6 billion after URA’s court settlement win against Tullow oil.