I must admit the fight of freedom of speech, thought, expression, media etc is indeed a complex one.

I have just been watching a BBC documentary on Mexico drug Lords operations. .its meyhem, it’s horrible, it’s death on Mexico streets. ..

Drug Lords reign terror on the streets of Mexico. ..

Uganda Ofcourse has its unique place of terror on the World map. ..kids strangled on Entebbe beaches, women. ..poor women at that, abducted raped grousomely murdered and their bodies dumped in Wakiso and Entebbe. ..villages being hacked with Panga Squads operations command. ..holes drilled in homes and families wiped out in Kyanamukaka Masaka, gunning down of Muslim clerics and business people. .. ( I can’t hold my breath any longer. ..so I will only add ) etc.

In a nutshell the space we have faught not to lose or to lose is the right to life. .put it this way. ..The sanctity of life.

Due to incessant killings,

We now live positively with the murder and kidnappings. ..

These do no longer make headlines.

The most feared threat to freedom of speech, media, thought, speech etc is the NRA occupation #alNakba State. ..

I have watched unparalleled public vigilance in the protection of free speech, media, thought and academic freedom. .

There are however non State actors that are a deadly threat to freedom of speech, media, thought, academia etc.

These include but are not limited to political parties. .The likes of FDC, cultural institutions, insurgents like LRA, ADF etc

I have followed the mobbing of Andrew Mwenda with great interest. ..

Andrew Mwenda did host one of the most popular talk show programmes ever. .

The Andrew Mwenda live on kfm.

Andrew Mwenda did host the Vicent Otti, then deputy LRA commander on kfm live.

Mwenda did host Dr Apollo Milton Obote at a time Museveni never wanted society to get the Obote side of the NRA occupation #alNakba Luwero story …

Andrew Mwenda took on Museveni on the murder of John Garang and had to lose his job. ..

Andrew Mwenda attacked ADF, LRA and Museveni and lived. ..but not the FDC Besigye cult. ..

For all demonisation of LRA of Joseph Kony by the New Vision, I have never heard of the New Vision journalist assassinated by the LRA.

ADF is not known to have threatened, abducted and or killed journalists that waged a killer propaganda against ADF…

Not at all. .

These were armed Non State Actors that faced decimation on account of negative and hostile propaganda from State controlled and dominated media. .

By the way the Anti terrorisim law places journalists who write and or report positively on the scene of terrorism…who ever writes or positively for insurgents. .

We have contested Museveni narrative of the exploits of Al – Shabab. ..an act that would tantamount to promoting Al – Shabab. ..

Interestingly, Museveni has not resorted to curbing us using the anti terrorism law. .

I concede Museveni has used it against dissenting Muslim clerics, but that is for another day. ..

The Museveni #alNakba has tools and capacity to stop dissenting views and opinions on air waves. ..

Society has been vigilant in opposing Museveni in that regard.

Besides Museveni machine has exercised restraint in curtailing dissent on air waves. .

Interestingly it’s FDC lunacy that threatens freedom of speech and expression of those dissenting against FDC. ..mainly the #alNakba Besigye cult. ..

The FDC Besigye cult has waged unrelenting assault on Andrew Mwenda to the extent that an organised campaign is on to intimidate nbs tv from hosting Andrew Mwenda on the Front Line programme. ..

I find this line reactionary and silly ..

Why can’t this grouping challenge Mwenda in debate. .?

If Mwenda is shallow and hollow, leave it to the audience. ..

By the way an opinion need not be popular to have a right of access to the airwaves. .

Even the law doesn’t stop the opinion accessing air waves. ..You take sanctions after expression. ..

If you terrorise dissent before assuming power, how will you behave on entering State House. .?

You won’t enter State House. ..

Forget. ..

The Besigye Gang cult demonised Mugisha Muntu on account of his strategy of non confrontation while building capacity.

Mugisha Muntu opposed empty rhetoric of defiance by compliance. .

The hollowness of this line has been exposed. ..

Even Besigye concedes we must do more than elections and political party operations to expunge the NRA occupation #alNakba. ..

The Besigye defiance now by compliance strategy is now resting on the rubbish heap of history. ..

Muntu sustained serious political injuries courtesy of this reactionary mob and cult.

It attacked Muntu ethnicity and integrity.

In essence no sane actor is safe in dissent against this Gang.

This gang is a threat to freedom and civilisation. ..

It’s an #alNakba. ..

It must be ruthlessly destroyed. ..and eliminated for its an obstacle to the struggle against the NRA occupation #alNakba for liberation, return of legitimacy and sovereignty. ..

Their scavenging objective are positions in the leadership of the struggle and after the struggle for self aggrandisement. ..

Ofcourse many fear confronting this Gang because of its insults. ..

I would rather recieve praises from the devil than from this cult and gang. ..

I don’t agree with Mwenda’s views and opinions but

I stand with Andrew Mwenda’ s right to express his opinion. ..

The nbs tv must not yield to silly threats. ..

That is not how civilised societies operate.