By Herbert Bukenya

The Royal Regency Hall in London was supposed to be a jam packed venue last Saturday as African star Jose Chameleone was to perform at the venue.

Unfortunately Londoners mainly Ugandans and our other African brothers and sisters did not show up to support the guest star as he gave them a touch of his all time great hits that span a cool 20 year plus period.

Industry analysts blamed the flopped weekend concert on a number of reasons the first one being the promotoer Joel being a young man of less than 25 years with little connections and influence in the diaspora community as one of the reasons for the flop and yet Chameleone’s core audience is generally much older.

According to sources in the UK, Joel a common figure on social media who loves to refer to himself as Rubaga South MP 2021 hardly did any marketing beyond social media, a situation that was not helped by Chameleone himself who together with his team hardly did any marketing on ground either besides a few social media posts about the concert.

Many of the people in the diaspora too are moslems who are deep into their ramathan fast and couldn’t attend while sources in London say it came at a time when people hadn’t gotten their salaries yet besides the fact that many of them have to send money back home for school fees.

As if that was not enough set back, top African music star Davido had a concert on the same day in London taking away many would be non Ugandan fans leaving Chameleone with a near empty hall to sing to.

On coming into the hall and realising there were only 15 people waiting to listen to him, in typical rude boy Chameleone style he refused to sing claiming he can’t sing to an empty hall angering the few fans who turned up and leaving the promoter in real trouble with lots of clean up and damage control work to do.