By Herbert Bukenya

Ugandan music legend Jose Chameloene was very impressed recently by the song Amina done by YKee Benda and he actually took time off to sing to this jam during a live interivew with a local TV station.

Sources close to the Mateka hit maker revealed he has plans of linking up with the rising star YKee Benda to do a remix to this song and give it more push so it can go continental and beyond because he thinks its great tune.

Thanks to his already larger than life name in the business and his easily recognisable hoarse voice, this link up may take the already hitting song to a whole new level and considering Chameloene is looking for relevance in the younger generation audience this may be his entry point too.

The terms and conditions are still being worked out but if all goes well a major collaboration between the two will hit the airwaves soon.