By Watchdog reporter

The row between singer Jose Chameleone and his former promoter Sipapa has taken a new twist.

Recently Chameone came out publicly to allege that Sipapa was the root cause between him and his family citing that it was the music promoter who gave told his wife Daniella Atim that the singer was a cheat prompting Daniela to leave Chameleone’s home.

The singer went ahead to claim that Sipapa was a thief who make a living by breaking into people’s houses.

However, Sipapa has revealed the real cause of his differences with Chameleone. Sipapa says the ‘sweet banana’ singer is busy beefing him because he (Sipapa) gave Daniella shs200,000 to take care of something but instead Chameleone thought Sipapa was sleeping with his wife.

“Daniella asked my girlfriend for Shs200,000 but she wasn’t in position to help so I gave her the money, but Chameleone instead thought I was sleeping with her,” Sipapa said.

“I am a nobody, Chameleone should find someone else to fight. Bobi Wine is fighting Buganda Kingdom, Bebe Cool is fighting Nigerians by doing good music, Chameleone should also find someone big to fight,” He added.

Apparently, Daniella is back to her marital home after reconciling with the singer early this week.