By Herbert Bukenya

Musician Chagga who has most recently been working as one of the managers of Mowzey Radio and Weasel plus Gud Lyfe in general is behind bars in Buntuntumula jail in the heart of Luwero district.

This is after he was picked up by bailiffs sent by promoter Paul Kaliba based in Luwero for a show he had partly been paid 2.65 Million shillings for where Radio and Weasel to perform last Christmas. The promoter says he was also given 300,000 shillings as manager’s token.

But Radio and Weasel turned around after Promoter Paul had invested in hiring a venue, promotions and all other logistics and refused to sing. They tried refunding the money he had paid but he demanded for a bigger figure about 10 million he had invested in the whole planned show which they refused.

Since that time they have been on the run until Paul Kaliba hired some bailiffs recently who got him Chagga who was charged and thrown in for 6 months, the only way of getting him out being paying the close to 25 million shillings Kaliba says has accumulated as he has tried to get justice and fairness.

A number of artistes including Mesearch Semakula have tried to intervene promising the promoter to comepensate him in form of performances which he has refused saying he wants cash instead.