By Watchdog reporter

Ugandan Catholic bishops have unanimously condemned the violent protests in the diocese of Arua against their bishop.

The Catholic church in Arua is facing an uprising emanating from Christians and priests who are hellbent to embarrass their bishop, who doesn’t hail from the region.

According to a September 22 press statement on the situation in Arua, bishops say they have been watching the developments in Arua with “keen interest”.
Christians in Arua headed by some rebellious priests have since the death of retired bishop Frederick Drandua turned against his successor bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki, accusing him among other things of ignoring the bishop emeritus leading to his demise.
The two days protests attracted Police chief Kale Kayihura’s attention who yesterday camped in Arua. Police also promised to arrest some priests who they say could be behind the violent protests.
Arua Catholics youth went on the streets to protest against the bishop they say doesn’t come from their area.
This, Catholic bishops say, is uncatholic.
“The violent reaction to these events is not consistent with the church’s true image.”
“The bishops therefore disassociate themselves from such violent behavior in the name of the Catholic church.” Read the statement.