By Watchdog reporter

Rebel priest Fr Jacinto Kibuuka has threatened to sue Catholic church bishops for continuing to tarnish his name.

Kibuuka who was responding to the letter issued by catholic bishops in Uganda says, the Catholic church has no jurisdictions over him.

In July 2016, the archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Kizito Lwanga dismissed one of his controversial priests Fr Jacinto Kibuuka.

The priest belonging to the charismatic movement had defied the archbishop on a transfer that he saw as a punishment.

Fr Kibuuka on the hand headed to Namugongo, a stone throw away from the world famous Uganda Martyrs Shrine, and established his prayer house. He called it Mamre Prayer Center.

Since then, thousands of people pray from his church.

However, despite the fact Kibuuka has gone on with his life, the catholic bishops are determined to stop anyone from associating with him.

Bishops have made it publicly known to their folks that Kibuuka is an outcast.

And recently, Kibuuka who has some priests following him, got deacons who had been denied ordination defect. He got a bishop in his church to ordain them. The event took place far away from Kampala. It took place in Mubende.

However, the press covered it well.

The move by Kibuuka to establish a parallel church but using rejects of the Catholic Church, has got to the nerves of the Catholic Church.

And the head of the episcopal conference Archbishop Odama has issues a strong letter, warning Fr Kibuuka and warning both clergy and laity against the defiant priest.

And Fr Kibuuka this time round has come out strongly to hit back to the church that ordained him on 9th August 2008.

He says he was no longer part of the Catholic Church, and therefore not bound by any catholic regulations. He has expressed disappointed that the catholic bishops including the archbishop of Kampala Lwanga, Bishops of Masaka, and Kiyinda Mityana attack him.

Fr Kibuuka says he is left with no option by take the bishops to court. He however advised the bishops to leave him alone and concentrate on preaching the gospel.

The move is likely to force unrest in the catholic fraternity.