By Allen Kisakye

The war between Bobi-Barbie fans on one side and Bebe-Owori-BWhite-Gahumba loyalists on another side has taken a dramatic, artistic twist, following the release of caricatures of the said personalities.

The caricatures by a yet-to-be identified cartoonist first made rounds on social media on Sunday afternoon.

These depict the brains of musicians Bebe Cool and his nemesis Bobi Wine as well as TV personality Sheila Gashumba, former Zipper Models boss, Slyvia Owori, mystery businessman Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White as well as Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi.

Barbra, or Barbie as she is fondly called by admirers is musician-turned-politician Robert Kyakulanyi’s wife.

According to the cartoonist, Bobi Wine is constantly thinking about ‘Peace, Politics, CNN, Music, Business, Freedom, People Power and BBC.’

Bebe Cool’s brain on the other hand is one big block that doesn’t seem to think of anything else apart from Bobi Wine and a really tiny one that is set aside for TB.

Apparently, he was named Uganda’s TB ambassador. Five strands of ‘hair’ and a few strokes of the pen on his chin complete the dramatic look.

The artist then tackles the small matter of Brian White. Three compartments make up his brain. One for Bobi Wine, another for his foundation and another to keep reminding himself that he actually picked money from Italy. Brian White has of late been attacking Bobi Wine every time he he got an opportunity.

Barbie, Sheila Gashumba and Slyvia Owori complete the impressions that have since gone viral.

For Barbie, the artist depicts the mother of four and ‘Ghetto First Lady’ as one who is constantly thinking internationally with media houses CNN and BBC occupying two thirds of the her brain. The other third is taken up by national issues.

TV personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba is the youngest of the lot. At 22, she can be forgiven for thinking about her daddy, NBS, musician Fik Fameika and popular hang out joint, Casablanca. She was recently ‘disciplined’ by her father, Frank, for returning home late.

Owori completes the toons. The faded socialite returns onto the scene for one reason; attacking Barbie.

Last week, Owori returned from hibernation by asking Barbie whether she thought she was the right pick to inspire women. She summed it up by adding that Barbie’s claim to fame, was well, getting married to Bobi Wibe.

She got stick from Barbie’s foot soldiers. No wonder Mr Cartoonist believes that Owori only thinks about Barbie.

Do you agree with the impressions?