By Stephen Kalema

Capt. Mike Mukula, the ruling party’s vice chairman eastern region has hit back at Civil Aviation Authority’s for denying him an operational license, branding them  ‘anti-business’ and ‘envious to see any Ugandan doing business.’

“CAA civil servants are anti-business and this vice is not only in this authority but many other civil servants who sit in authoritative places that normally give a way for one to start anything like business,” said Mukula

According to Mukula, the whole CAA board and line minister have no problem with his operations alary from two technical officers who have intentionally decided to make it difficult for him to see that his aircrafts operate in Uganda.

In the press release in response to Mukula’s claim to relocate his aircrafts to Kenya, CAA says; “The Uganda Aviation School didn’t apply for the AOC certificate but applied for and was granted an air services license (ASL) for aviation training not for an AOC which is granted to air operators seeking to conduct commercial operations as opposed to training.”

CAA noted that the Uganda Aviation School applied for an Aviation Training Organization specifically focusing on cabin crew training.

However, Mukula refuted CAA press release, blaming them of playing mind games on him and misleading the country.

“All these are lies. We started the application way back in 2008. Ok, if there was a problem in our applications why wouldn’t they advise us and do what they want. I think we don’t have people who love to see development in our country,” he rebutted recently.

Mukula relocated his aircrafts to Kenya. He says the the whole process was done and completed in one month and two weeks and now the aircrafts are operating.

“In Uganda we have a lot of people that are ant-business. My air crafts have been on the grounds for over three years. I have always incurred expenses to do maintenance, charging batteries, paying parking fees and washing them yet my air crafts are on the international standards.’

‘I am lucky that I  bought these air crafts using my money not on loan assume if I had bought them on loan I would be in mega loses but when I relocated to Kenya in one month and two week all the inspections were done and now they are working,” Mukula added.