By Faridah Nakazibwe

Some men say they can never marry a lady who has had a child outside wedlock. They call them “Beenzi” and “After One” yet they are the same men who run after innocent girls, defile them and deny responsibility for the pregnancy.
Some men have no shame!

If you don’t want a single mother, stick to your decision but what makes a woman a great wife is not whether she has had a child or not. Countless ladies have had abortions yet no child before wedding. They look so clean yet rotten inside. Women who chose to have the babies should be respected and honoured not for the mistakes they made but the courage they showed.

They feared God and valued another life than commit murder and save their faces from shame. They are God fearing and compassionate. Two major qualities needed in a wife. I pity men who allow senseless ego make them miss God’s perfect will for their lives. God doesn’t use someone’s past to pick a spouse for them, he looks at your future and pick the person who is most suitable to help you fulfil your destiny!

I have seen men who had nothing but moved into untold wealth after marrying their wives -a single mother who was used and abandoned in her past!

Single mothers make great wives as well as God fearing ladies. It is our character that determines how we enjoy our marriage not whether we make mistakes in the past or had no previous sexual experience.

The world has even gone upside down. Deception is the order of the day! Some ladies now use hymen kit/pills that make them look like virgins on the wedding night. You will see the blood. She acts the painful part yet she has had countless abortions before she met her husband.

Go for character brother! Go for God’s will! Go for the woman who genuinely loves you and will always be there no matter what.

A honest single mother is far better than an untruthful and deceitful single lady. Think about it! God bless you, cheers!