By Najibu Mulema

For the countless times Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested, tortured, drilled and embarrassed by the incumbent government, can he really be meaning what he told  journalists who were at his home in Kasangati during a conference on Thursday?

A gently dressed Besigye in a blue court and grey pair of trousers, emerged out of house, to find his counterparts and journalists from different media houses eagerly waiting to hear what he had to say.

Among what he said, the former presidential candidate made a statement which I think made some people in power relieved in one way or the other.

Besigye said in case he assumes power (I dont really know when, that’s if it becomes true) he would  forgive all the people who embezzled public funds under this reigning regime.

It is not the first time for Besigye to make this statement, even in the presidential campaigns he said so.

“When we are in power we shall forgive all those who embezzled, misused public funds and resources, we shall close one eye and pretend as if they did nothing,” Besigye said.

Okay let’s say it happens, can Besigye really endure to forgive them.

Before you make your own judgement first sit back and analyze this;
In Uganda no politician, I repeat no politician in this NRM era has ever been arrested like,Dr Warren kKifefe Besigye. So far he has been arrested more than 40 times.

Besigye has been continuously put under house arrest but the most terrible one, was when he was put under house arrest for more than a month after this year’s elections at his home in Kasangati.

Still Besigye is the only politician in Uganda to be totured to the extent of throwing teargas cannisters at him while sitted in his car.

Hope you remember that scene those who watched either on your Tv sets or you were an eye witness among the people clobbered trying to follow doctor’s car.

Last but not least, the vote rigging claims.

Dr Besigye and his supporters for all along claim that ‘Mzee’ Museveni has rigged votes for all the last four consecutive presidential elections, thereby failing Besigye from becoming the president of Uganda.

Just imagine the grief you get when you feel that you were cheated? Yet, the opponent continues to frustrate you, and punishing you for standing by your principles and told him he rigged.

From that aspect, can Besigye forgive his opponents even after the torturing he has gone through to the extent of human rights activists coming out to condemn the government on the way they treat him.