By Namugerwa Martha
In the 90s coffee was one of the cash crops which was a key pillar to Uganda’s economy but lately farmers stopped growing it on a large scale which makes results visible that Uganda’s economy has fallen from grace to grass.
Coffee production was bringing a lot of revenue to the country because it has a valiant market outside Uganda as well as here its self.
The question is can coffee production boast or restores our country’s economy?
After launching buy Uganda build Uganda campaign the government embarked on a journey of promoting home made products making people fall in love with them.
Uganda Coffee association has already given out 30,000 coffee seedlings to the youth to plant but is this what the country needs?
The answer is yes! encouraging farmers to grow coffee on a large scale and the government helping them will make many Ugandans committed to grow this cash crop.
Emmanuel Lyamuryewa of the Uganda Coffee Association officials said that Uganda has a goal of becoming one of the best exporters of coffee by 2020 through producing an average of 500,000 bags of coffee.
Coffee can boast Uganda’s economy because it has a reliable market which is not seasonal.
Uganda can have an available market producing coffee everyday which can increase income in the country.