Jérémie Minani, a member of a top opposition political party in Burundi on Saturday lost his cool and verbally abused Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, who doubles as the new chairman of the East African Community.

Speaking at the 18th EAC summit in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Museveni said objected to European Union sanctions on Burundi and threats to the economic prosperity of Kenya.

“We don’t agree with the EU placing unilateral sanctions on Burundi,” Museveni told the summit.

This statement angered Minani, the President of the Rally of Democrats of Burundi and candidate for the 2015 presidential elections, to extent of insulting the new EAC chair.

Minani said he was “so disappointed by Museveni and Tanzania President John Magufuli’s statements about EU sanctions on Burundi” thus calling it the last step of EAC failure in Burundi crisis.

President Yoweri Museveni

“Someone ask Museveni why he failed to bring the Burundi cruel ruler (Pierre Nkurunziza) to the negotiations table if he really believes in peace and security of the region,” Minani added.

Museveni who called EU to lift sanctions on Burundi stated during the summit that, “This is our problem. We don’t want the European Union to take measures against a member state without discussions with us.”

However, Minani wondered what the Burundians should expect from a mediator like Museveni who thinks EU should keep funding the ‘Burundi regime’.

With intense rage, Minani further picked on the statement and said: “This is a shame. The man who should push for more sanctions against Nkurunziza is condemning EU sanctions. We should expect nothing from you.”

“Museveni can keep saying rubbish about Burundi, I am sure Burundians will deal with Nkurunziza one way or the other. Wait and watch.”

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