An old star pistol was recovered from one of the rental houses in Bulenga town. The rental was being occupied by a couple who for along time had been identified to be having mysterious movements during the wee hours of the night.

The couple had for a long time failed to pay electricity bills which prompted the landlord to disconnect the power. When the terms of tenancy became complex, the two decided to vacate the house. And as the repairs and re-connection of the electricity were ongoing, a star pistol was recovered wrapped in a cloth in the ceiling.

The pistol was reported to be loaded with 6 rounds of ammunitions.

According to the OC Bulenga ASP Byomuhangi Gideon, the exhibit has since then been taken to the forensics laboratory to ascertain the possible finger print matches of culprits related to the usage and possession of the weapon. More details to be provided as discoveries regarding the matter unfold