By Watchdog reporter

Bukedde TV’s presenter Justine Nameere is among the concerned Ugandans who have come out to express their opinions regarding the ongoing Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi saga of immensely sleeping with his students as well as siring many kids still from his students at St. Lawrence Schools.

Nameere is some of the few who thinks that the young girls who used to sleep with the late Mukiibi are also to blame.

The TV star says the young girls used to sleep with Mukiibi because they wanted free materialistic things from the professor.

“Many people are blaming the Late Prof. Mukiibi for having used so many young girls and sired so many children at an old age where he couldn’t possibly stay long enough to raise them, it was inhuman of him BUT what explains a young lady seeing a man that old apart from love for free things?!” She inquired.

“ When they sleep with their boyfriends they quickly take postinor when they sleep with old “rich” men they can’t even take black tea for fear of it interfering with their “investment” (pregnancy)!” she added.

Nameere further thinks that the real innocent young women in this whole scenario are the underage girls in his schools.

“ In case there are some real innocent young women in this like the underage girls in his schools, very sorry but most of those other chics also are to blame!” says Nameere.




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