By Watchdog reporter

Bukedde TV’s ‘gossipmonger’ Josephat Seguya has come out to defend himself following blackmail allegations by singer Angela Kalule who recently exposed Seguya that he tried to solicit money from her in order not to release her semi-nude bedroom video.

Today morning while appearing on Ekyenkya show, Seguya poured cold water on ‘katikitiki’ singer’s allegations saying that Angela is a liar who released her own video to promote her upcoming song known as Kokonyo.

According to the journalist, Angela is his good friend but he doesn’t understand why she had to frame him of blackmail yet he didn’t solicit any penny from her.

I first watched that video on Monday before it went viral on social media, I wanted to call her but I thought she will think am happy about it so I declined my intentions but the next day Angela posting on her social media saying that her phone was stolen yet it had private videos. She mention names of several media personalities telling them that if they land on the video, it’s okay as long as they return her stolen phone,” Seguya said.

“I called her and she revealed to me that she knew the person who was circulating her semi- nude video but he demanded money from her so that he doesn’t not release more videos, as a friend I told her not to bother giving them money because still in the end process they will release everything they want,” He added.

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