By Watchdog reporter

It seems Bukedde TV’s ‘gossip king’ doesn’t get enough of celebrities’ slaps and punches. Last year the journalist was attacked and thumped by Rubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama for talking ill about him.

Now the same Seguya has ruthlessly attacked celebrated singer Bebe Cool whom he has called ignorant and uneducated.

We understand, the two are long time rivals. Some years back, Bebe Cool thumped Seguya to pulps during one of the shows in Kasangati which resulted to the journalist suing the ‘dede’ singer and by the end of the day Bebe Cool was ordered to pay Seguya for the damages caused.

Since then the two have been sworn enemies so Seguya’s recent attack doesn’t surprise us.

During Bukedde TV’s ‘Kanayokya ani’ show, Seguya revealed that Bebe Cool is uneducated and ignorant about some issues and that’s why he behaves the way he does.

‘Bebe Cool is weak in thinking. He is not educated. In fact he has never gone to school’, Seguya spouted.