By Herbert Bukenya

As more and more media personalities and industry critics heaped scorn onto faded star Qute Kaye after his car light robbery scandal broke, Bukedde TV’s controversial presenter Fifi Da Queen opted to differ and switch guns on her colleagues in the media.

Responding to bashing from media veterans like Eddie Sendi and Bate who all said Kaye misused his chances and money in previous interviews, Fifi insisted the star hardly made any real money from his music.

Fifi says Qute Kaye at his prime would sing at many events organised by media people and promoters many of whom were his friends then literary for free with some just giving him transport of one hundred or two hundred thousand money that was too little for the artsite to use for any thing developmental. This is partly the reason for his poverty she said.

After putting him through that, they would use their media platforms to criticize him for leaving like a pauper that is living in cheap houses and eating in cheap places a thing they still do to many artistes forcing them to punch above their weight and get into more debt and financial problems she added.

And when these artsites get into any form of trouble after being pushed by the media, the same media trashes them real hard and embarrases them even more all of which Fifi said should stop. She is of the view that media should give artistes breathing space and let them live simple lives with in their means otherwise they will bring down many more like Qute Kaye.