Geoffrey Kulubya, the Bukedde editor is under fire from his boss Robert Kabushenga who is now moving around Industrial Area wielding an axe. Kulubya is accused by the editorial board and Vision Group staff of making decisions that have seen Bukedde lose 50% of its circulation. This forced Kabushenga recently to reduce the cover price from UGX1500 to 1,000 – a first in the industry.

Bukedde has always survived on being a paper that doesn’t demean Buganda Kingdom. Kulubya’s unthinkable strategy of attacking Mengo by stage managing news is against Vison Group’s editorial policy. Reliable sources inform us that Kabushenga has also learnt that Kulubya gave money some young people to go and demonstrate at Mengo two weeks ago.

Amina Nakimwero, the leader of the group who were reportedly given money to demonstrate against Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has written to Kabushenga asking for full payment. “Geoffrey Kulubya promised us two million shillings if we demonstrated against the Katikkiro but he only gave us 500,000. When we asked him for the balance, he said he was also waiting for it,” Nakimwero was heard telling her colleagues.

She added that now everybody including their parents is accusing us of demonstrating and bringing the name of the Kabaka in disrepute. “I can’t go back home. At Makerere I have been suspended from Nkoba Zambongo yet I only got a small percentage of the money. Kulubya no longer wants to meet me like he used to do before we demonstrated,” a teary Nakimwero told her friends while confirming that she had indeed written to Kabushenga to intervene.

“In fact some of the people I demonstrated with accuse me of eating their money. Kulubya should pay me my balance because I have already suffered a lot as I have been disowned by my family and friends,” she said.

Asked to confirm that she indeed got money from Kulubya, Nakimwero asked her friends whether they think a story of less than 10 people demonstrating against a very popular Katikkiro would find it’s way on Page One of Bukedde as the lead story. “Do you think it is possible? The whole idea was Kulubya’s. We just did it for the money. I have no problem with Katikkiro Mayiga. He is a good leader but I needed money,” Nakimwero said.

Stage managing news like Kulubya is doing now is further alienating the Baganda from Bukedde and now Kabushenga is just thinking it is time to show Kulubya the exit door.

“Kulubya is a dead man walking. He is under so much fire. Kabushenga fears what he will tell Kabaka Mutebi that Bukedde now is stage managing news about his cherished institution,” a reliable source from Vision Group told us.

Another source said, Buganda is a powerful institution and attacking the Kabaka and his officials is considered a direct attack on Kabaka Mutebi himself. Kulubya  now, a source says, needs to decide his early exist from Vision so he could earn his benefits. “We have advised him that the best thing for him is to resign so that he earns his money. You can’t stage manage news about the Kabaka just to sell newspapers, which was a wrong strategy from day one,” a source said.