By Kiyimba Bruno

Students and staff from Bukalasa Agricultural College have expressed their anger on what they called tampering with their experimental land.

Lead by the Gelvan Kisolo Lule, the college principal, they managed to plant over 250 trees in the land that is in question, an incident that Kisolo called a normal routine for the college.

It is alleged that the land office had leased 98acres of land out of the said piece of land totaling to 299.9 acres of land.

The land in question is located on block 367 on plot number 98 in Bulemeezi Luwero in Buganda region at Bukalasa.

Kisolo said that they were surprised to find the lands office digging in an act that he termed as trespass in their land.

“Actually today I am also seeing the Chinese bringing containers on the college land.” Kisolo lamented.

He went ahead to warn whoever that is trespassing on their land to stop since they have the evidence and.

‘’I do think that these corrupt land officials grabbed some money from the Chinese” Said Kisolo.

Anguyo Julius a catering officer at the Bukalasa College said that the land commission gave them the right title that shows them as the rightful owners of the said land.

“We were surprised to see that the lands office of Luwero came out to show boundaries that this is their land. We are actually blaming them for trespass” Said Anguyo.

He went ahead to elucidate that as the administration shall not seat and look on as unknown people come and take over their land.

On top of this he said that they are not leaving the land because it was idle but they were planning for the increasing number of students that they have.

However sue to the situation; he said that they are going to make it an orchard.

 What the students say

Junju Ronald, a student doing a diploma in agricultural biomedical engineering believes that this is a practical center for every student. However it is sad to not that a full ministry of lands is again trying to reduce their means if widening their Knowledge.

Nakirya Leticia, also a student at the college believes that if the land is taken away from them, the students shall not have a better chance of doing their practices. She however says that government should come out and help them in this grieving situation.

 Bukalasa Police post confused

What is not understandable is which side the police officers of Bukalasa fall. This is due to the fact that they do not release any information regarding their stand on the said matter, yet they are the very people seen in all the offices of the college principal, the lands office as well as the Chinese firm.

When we talked to Afande Okot from Bukalasa Police, he said that these are both government entities that should not fight. He however noted that both parties must remember that the land title is in hands of one man.