By Ronald Kalumba

There has been drama in Nkokonjeru town council in Buikwe district when a gentleman identified as Godfrey Musisi decided to set a house foundation in a middle of road which is still under construction.

Musisi is accusing Uganda National Roads Athority (UNRA) of taking his land by force, demolishing his house without being fully compensated.

After battling with UNRA in Mukono High court justice Margret Mutonyi during her ruling ordered UNRA to compensate Musisi immediately which authority did not comply with the directive.

Musisi explains that after seeing UNRA is about to complete constructing this section where his house was without getting his full compensation he decided to construct back his original house which was demolished.

Musisi hired men from Nkokonjeru town who started measuring the size of the house in the middle of the road  (Mukono, Katosi Nyenga road) which attracted by-passers to stop and witness the drama.

He did not stop at this but he also ordered for building materials which included bricks and sand which were brought and placed in the middle of the road.

Musisi explains that he is tired of sleeping in a rented house yet he had a house of his own before it was demolished.

Musisi act was halted by the officer in charge of crime investigations at Nkokonjeru police station Peter Kiranga who ordered him to use legal means.

Kiranga directed Musisi and his workers to stop or they face arrest and asked him to go back to courts of law to settle his matter as he did before.

However the spokesperson of company Reynold Construction Company limited in charge of construction of this highway Livingstone Ssenkatuka said that Musisi was compensated most of his money that he is supposed to get and they don’t see why he is behaving like a mad man.

Ssenkatuka said that they are going to charge Musisi and force him to pay the damages that he has caused on this road which is still under construction.