By our reporter

A section of farmers led by John Walumugwa recently met in Mbale to discuss the issues affecting the Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) where they accused their current board members led by Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi of missing the union funds.

One of the disgruntled farmers, Lawrence Mafabi says Nandala treats the union as his personal property and he gives money to elders in support of him yet they are not supposed to receive any penny according to the law of the cooperative.

“Nandala has misused the union as a personal property. He has been spending money on elders farms who are not allowed by law of the cooperative to get anything but because they are his supporters of FDC, he gives them our money,” noted Lawrence.

Over shs9.2 billion is said to have been misused after it was donated by President Yoweri Museveni to bail the union out of the debts it had accumulated.

“We are wondering where the shs9 billion has gone which the president gave, we wouldn’t be in banks now to lend us money. We thought the money which the president gave us was to help Bamasaba in coffee production,” said Safiyi Mafabi, a famer.

The farmers also allege that there’s no accountability for over shs6 billion raised from renting out Bugisu Cooperative Union apartments.

“They are using audit firms of their personal appointment and relationship so that during the audit process they conceal a lot of information with the board members,” said Walumugwa.

The farmers say they are planning to meet the president and share their grievances with him having been frustrated by different leaders in Bugisu sub region.

“Nandala has been influencing all the MPs of the Mbale region not to allow us meet the president,” revealed Lawrence.

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