By Kiyimba Bruno

Buganda kingdom through its Minister for sports Henry Sekabembe Kiberu has denied allegations that they took bribes in order to allow Gomba to host this year’s Masaza cup opener.

This was revealed in a press conference that took place at Bulange Mengo, where Sekabembe revealed that the King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was grateful to accept a visit to Gomba as it opens up the tournament.

“Officially two regions Kyadondo and Sesse had applied to host the opener and only Kyadondo had qualified for this. However due to the number of activities that are going to take place in Kyadondo this year, we have decided to allow the defending champions Gomba be the host” Noted Sekabembe

He added that this year the king is making a Jubilee and shall mark 25 years on the throne, a function that will be in Kyadondo not forgetting Kabakas birthday run, the youth conference, Buganda Royal opening up a new building, all will be in  Kyadondo.

On this note he requested all teams to accept the changed since they are for the good of the kingdom and the sport.

On the opener,Gomba shall play Buwekula  a game that shall be watched by his marjesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

This years Masaza cup shall be played in four groups as follows;

Group A

Gomba, Kabula ,Buwekula ,Kyadondo

Group B

Ssingo, Kyaggwe, Butambala, Mawogola, Bugerere

Group C

Buddu, Ssese,Kooki, Bulemeezi

Group D

Busiro, Mawokota, Busujju, Buvuma, Buruuli