By Stephen Kalema 

Buganda Kingdom, through Buganda Land Board has called on people with land disputes to first approach them before embarking on court processes.

David Mpanga, the kingdom’s Attorney General gave the advice after High court dismissed a case filed against Kabaka Ronald Mutebi challenging compulsory registration of all tenants on kingdom land at a given fee.
The case was filed Male Hassan Mabirizi Kiwanuka.
Mpanga said to avoid tarnishing the reputation of the kingdom and avoid heavy costs that come with court cases, people with grievances should always find a way of solving them mutually.
“Buganda is a cultural institution. It is always better for subjects to first take their grievances to their leaders before opting for court,” Mpanga advised at the offices of BLB.”When  grievances are solved culturally, all the parties can come to a win-win situation while in court, there are winners and loser. We can assure you that the loser won’t be the Kabaka.”
He blamed  Mabirizi for seeking cheap popularity and financial gains at the expense of the Kabaka.
However, Mabirizi told Watchdog Uganda that he was seeking justice and not money or popularity.
“What Mpanga is saying will never work if methods employed by BLB have not changed. BLB needs money more than Baganda. The part in this country with most land wrangles is Buganda,” Mabirizi said.
“When people are dying, they (BLB) are never seen on ground but will rush to solicit for money,” said Mabirizi adding that he had taken the case to Supreme Court.

Justice Henry Peter Adonyo ruled that Mabirizi poorly filed the case when he purportedly represented tenants on the Buganda land without their consent.