Bryan White ‘flaunts’ his wealth

By Allen Kisakye

City socialite and founder of Bryan White Foundation, Bryan Kirumira alias, Bryan White has been quiet for a while. This has led to speculation that he had gone bankrupt.
But this mysterious ‘millionaire’, whose source of wealth can be quoted as ‘inherited’ is back. With his money and ‘many projects at hand’.
On Friday, White assembled bundles of cash money ranging from 50K to 10K notes, to show off to the public that his river of cash has never dried. He bragged about how money means nothing to him yet many people kill for it.
He says that next Friday he is going back to Arua to empower the youths, sensitize and educate them on matters of financial management and also teach them technical business skills in carpentry, hair dressing, weaving among others
This campaign will then be moved to Busia and then back to central. He believes that after this empowering campaign and his financial support, youths in those areas will be able to sustain themselves and stop looking at the government for everything
However, he appeals to the public to stop digging into his past and asking where he got that money, denying that the money he splashes is tax payer’s money as many people allege.
“This is my money,” he says.