By our reporter

All is not well for a number of artistes who had been signed under Bryan White Foundation after being fired by their master Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White for reasons yet to be known.

Peng Peng, the foundation’s online publicist said the socialite fired some artistes but declined to disclose the issues that erupted into terminating their contracts.

He posted on his Facebook Page;

On behalf of BRIAN WHITE foundation I would like to clarify something regarding this ridiculous rumour and articles I have been reading on social media I hear BRIAN WHITE fired all Artists/Comedians Sijui Abayimbi baduuse.Yes it’s true we have made a few changes at the podium but we shall forever be grateful and respect whoever has been part of the BRIAN WHITE foundation. My boss will never disclose issues that erupted into terminating your contracts because he Respects you a lot but he will forever consider you hardworking people but just like any business,A leader is entitled to make a few changes in his firm.MWEBALE BYONA BYEMUKOZE KU FOUNDATION And we hope you keep helping/Motivating /Empowering the youth even though you nolonger wear our badges(BRIAN WHITE FOUNDATION) 
Nsigadde omwogezi wa Company ya BRIAN WHITE ku yintanenti.