By our reporter

Ugandans are now starting to believe that there’s an invisible hand with unknown motive behind socialite Bryan White’s tendency of splashing millions of cash in the name of ‘Awakening the youth from  poverty’.

Through his Bryan White Foundation, the slender light skinned ‘moneybags’ on several occassions has given out millions of shillings to the unemployed youth of Uganda in a bid to save them from the biting poverty.

Bryan White, who poses as a strong supporter for President Yoweri Museveni, has always been very critical to opposition politicians like Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine thus advising the young generation not to be misled by them (opposition).

His political affiliation would have been okay since it’s his right to support a political ideology he feels is the best for him, but his source of income which remains a mystery up to-date and his closeness to President Museveni leaves many Ugandans bewildered.

Recently, the socialite tried to explain his source of income.

He said he inherited wealth from his late Italian step dad who had a lot of fortune in his name.

However, most Ugandans didn’t buy Bryan White’s story who claimed that the philanthropist just cooked up the narrative.

And now basing on the current photos moving around social media showing Bryan White with President Museveni, some people have started to allege that the socialite gets his money from the president to confuse the youth.