By Herbert Bukenya

While addressing the media a few days ago Bryan White blasted his critics who keep saying he has no property saying it is not any one’s business to know about his private property.

As a result he is putting up a hospital on Entebbe road in Kitende which will help the public access medical services at affordable rates saying it is such projects that the public and media should focus on instead of trying to focus on his personal wealth and its where abouts.

Bryan White said no one was there when he got his money and so no one should be so concerned about whether he still has the money or it is done but one thing every one should know is his money is not about to get finished any time soon.

He also blasted relatives who go into the press and expose their dirty linen and beg for asssitance that they should remember the evil deeds they have done to family members before playing victim.

He vowed not to help some of those relatives who have wronged him and stolen his family’s property in the past and now want help after messing up every body.